How to use the Calculator(PL) / Calculator(VL) / Calculator(PW) Widgets?

Apps: Photo Locker / Video Locker / Password Locker

The Calculator widgets are already included in every app. There is no need to download anything else. Only the included Calculator widgets will work to launch the apps in Stealth Mode.

The steps to adding a widget to the Homescreen can differ depending on the Home Launcher you are using, but most of the time the steps are similar.


1. Long-press an empty spot on your homescreen


2. Tap on “Widgets”

3.Scroll and look for the respective widgets to launch the apps (usually they are listed under the app’s name):

- Photo Locker: Calculator(PL)

- Video Locker: Calculator(VL)

- Password Locker: Calculator(PW)


4. Tap and hold on the Calculator widget and let go on an empty page or space on your homescreen.

If you did it correctly the widget will be on the homescreen where you let go.


5. Enter your PIN code, tap the number display and the app should launch!