Start Using Find Dining in 5 Simple Steps


Find Dining is designed to be quick, intuitive yet powerful for you to find the best restaurants in the shortest time and least hassle possible.

Here is a quick guide to mastering Find Dining within the next few minutes!

1. Home - Location/Favorites

Search Box
Enter your location of choice. Does not have to be near you right now!

"Find Restaurants Nearby"
Search for restaurants near your current location.

"Favorite Restaurants"
A convenient list of the restaurants you liked  in the listings.

(New!) Recommended Foods
A gallery of food popular around your region will be shown below. The more you use Find Dining, the more it will be tuned to your taste!

2. Restaurant List

A list of restaurants in the vicinity will appear!

Compare restaurant ratings, how near they are, check if they are open at one glance.

Missing restaurant? Tap the "+" and submit your favorite restaurants!

3. Top-left:
Choose a Cuisine Type

Tap the top left corner to choose the cuisines you’re looking/craving for.

Scroll for more cuisines!

4. Top-right:
Sort, Filter & Settings

Tap the top-right corner to access the Sort and Filter features!

There is even a “kilometers” setting for those used to the Metric system. 

5. Restaurant Details

Check out the details for a restaurant you’re interested in!

View it on Maps or share it with a friend/family!

Below photo:
Visit website, get navigation instructions, call to make a reservation or simply Favorite ❤ it for easy reference later!

User Reviews:
Read what others say! User reviews are below the basic details, complete with star rating and date of review.


...and you're a master restaurant finder now! ♥ 🍜🍔

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